8-Week Depression Recovery Program

Depression recovery helps reduce symptoms of depression such as exhaustion, emotional shutdown, hopelessness, and despair by working with your nervous system state.

8-Week Mood Stabilization Program

Our mood stabilization program uses sensory activities to help strengthen interoception. Interoception is the ability to know and understand what’s happening inside us and is critical to regulating emotions. The program is made specifically with autism in mind and is also great for children with behavioral challenges and aggression in dementia-diagnosed clients.

4-Week Premarital Program

Self-disclosure may be scary but self-disclosure is rewarding and builds intimacy. This program deep dives into pertinent conversations about values, attitudes, work money, personality, and body.

Healing Hearts

Family Therapy
Family therapy with a focus on restoration. Offering blended family counselling services, I guide towards harmonious connections and enduring well-being.
Children Therapy

Our experienced child therapists provide a nurturing environment where young minds can navigate emotions, gain coping strategies, and cultivate resilience.

Healing Your Kids

Healing Hearts

Individual Therapy
In individual therapy at Valley of Fire Holistic Therapy, I specialize in personalized care, emphasizing restoration and well-being. Explore effective counseling services for lasting positive change.